This week we’re taking care of another inquiry focusing on our encourage to choose a watch. Which, as usual, is a pretty individual thing and along these lines hard to reply. We’ll attempt to peruse the inquiry cautiously, between the lines also, and answer as indicated by realities however much as could reasonably be expected. Which watch to pick, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight or the Sinn EZM 13?

You Asked Us: Which Watch to Buy, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight or Sinn EZM13?

Let’s start with the complete content of our reader’s question:

Dear Fratellowatches,

I am searching for a watch in the 2500-3500$ territory. I need something with a moderately little case size, avoiding a great deal of cool alternatives with regards to the blend. 38-41mm case size, and max of 46-47 carry to-haul. All the more explicitly I have been taking a gander at Y. I discover them exceptionally alluring, obviously, they are very not quite the same as another.

The Tudor is likely more flexible. I like the appearance of it, and the size is great. I don’t care for the piece case side, yet this 58 is slimmer than the past renditions of the BB so I get it won’t be that noticeable?

I love the device look of the Sinn. The case size is fairly greater, however at 41mm and 47mm drag to-carry it is as yet worthy. I’m marginally worried about the thickness of 15mm, however for a chronograph, this is what’s in store I presume. Yet, it is simply irritating to the point that they don’t offer this watch on a coordinated silicone lash, as they accomplish for the greater part of their watches.

Which one would it be advisable for me to go for? Which one do you think offer the most for the cash? Any worries or inclinations with regards to brand or developments? (EZM13 utilizes an altered 7750 while BB58 utilizes another in-house Tudor development). Some other watches you would recommend instead?

Thanks and regards


What precisely is Knut looking for?

After perusing the inquiry an impression of wearability stays in my psyche. Indeed, even prior to comparing any specialized determinations or taking a gander at pictures of the referenced watches. The expression ‘relatively little case size’ and referencing such explicit notes of sizes of the watch makes me figure the watch in any case ought to be comfortable to wear.

Secondly, I notice that Knut is taking a gander at two altogether different watches. The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (we did an audit here ) is a fairly vintage looking time-just watch which even doesn’t have a date sign. The Sinn EZM 13, then again, is a cutting edge style, considerably more complex chronograph. As the style of a watch is too close to home to even consider saying anything regarding in any case, I won’t let me divert a lot by that.

What influences the wearing comfort of a watch?

Of course, that’s surely the size of it, yet also the overall impression a watch gives. Other than the size, the shape is significant, be that as it may, totally the dial also. The dial isn’t deciding how the watch truly feels on your wrist, however how it feels when taking a gander at it or seeing it in a look. Drawing in a ton of consideration will make it a more occupied watch.

So we have size, shape, and visual appearance. Where a bigger size will be less comfortable, a cumbersome shape with solid straight edges will be less comfortable, and a bustling dial with lot’s of differentiation can be viewed as less comfortable as well.

The new Tudor Black Bay has a moderately thin case design

About size and shape

Bearing as a primary concern Knut’s need for ‘something with a moderately little case size‘. Regardless of whether Knut demonstrates about the Sinn ‘41mm and 47mm drag to-haul it is still acceptable‘ I wouldn’t say that the Sinn EZM 13 has a moderately little case. Furthermore, that’s presumably especially due to its state. It’s round and hollow fish can-molded. Sufficient for an apparatus watch, yet with these sizes, shape and 15mm height it’s simply a cumbersome watch. Our companions over at even discussion about it as forceful and chunky.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight in this light is a substantially more rich watch. It can even be said to be thin, in any event for a watch with an energetic legacy like this. The size of 39 mm to me also can be viewed as pretty much awesome. It is more modest than previous Black Bay models in reality, and as Kut specifies himself, the straight case side is slimmer than past versions.

While the Sinn EZM 13 is actually molded the manner in which an instrument watch ought to be, the shape and size of the Tudor make it significantly more a broadly useful watch. Eventually, I don’t think it’s a smart thought to picked a watch exclusively on its hypothetical measurements. A specialized bigger watch can accommodate your wrist better than a more modest one with an alternate shape.

What about the dials of both watches

With less data in the dial, not having the chronograph capacities, the presence of the Tudor is fairly unassuming. While the Sinn enough shows very high difference with its white print on a profound matt black dial, the gold subtleties on the egg-shell completed black dial of the Tudor gives a way milder inclination. The Tudor even comes up short on a date work, which unquestionably adds to the serenity and balance in the dial.

To me, when one isn’t explicitly searching for a utilitarian device ish chronograph, the Tudor would be a superior decision as an every day wearer. Explicitly the height of the Sinn EZM 13 could even make it difficult to wear it with a shirt for example, in any event under the sleeve.

Picture © Sinn agent in the US, WatchBuys

How to wear it

Both watches are accessible on a cowhide lash (the Sinn even on an assortment of calfskin ties) just as on a hardened steel arm band. Moreover, Sinn offers a black silicone elastic tie, and Tudor a shading coordinating black and gold texture NATO-type lash. Both metal wristbands do coordinate the sort of watch well indeed. Sinn utilizes their pretty much standard hefty connected model arm band, while Tudor supplies an excellent re-release of their vintage rivetted steel bracelet.

I can envision that the tempered steel arm band would profit the Sinn most. With very nearly 100 grams the watch’ head is generally weighty and most likely would leave better set up on your wrist with a metal wristband than it would with a calfskin tie. Kurt specifies that Sinn appears to be not to offer an incorporated silicone wristband. Taking a gander at the site that’s the case in fact. Nonetheless, before, I’ve seen that with little assist it with being that a coordinated silicone tie implied for another model could fit with just a little assistance. In the event that this absence of incorporated silicon wristband would be a major issue I’d positively contact Sinn about it.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight would do great on both the coordinating metal wristband or the calfskin tie as I would see it. While I’m not a particularly extraordinary fan or normal NATO-type lashes, the Tudor NATO-tie here is an exemption. It doesn’t simply overlay under the watch yet it’s fixed with spring bars.

Differences in the Sinn and Tudor movements

Obviously, there’s a significant contrast between the two developments. Sinn utilizes a moderately exceptional chronograph type for this model, Sinn type SZ02. Gotten from the dependable ETA/Valjoux 7750, Sinn changed the development to have a 60-second scale for the stopwatch minute, rather than the ordinary 30 moment counter.

There are two different things to note about the Sinn. First that the watch is a ‘lefty’, implying that the crown and pushers are on the left half of the packaging. While the crown perks out significantly with the state of this watch, this way it won’t plunge into your wrist. What’s more, furthermore, I might want to make reference to here that the development works in an almost dry air on account of defensive gas filling and the utilization of a drying container. This will improve the existence of the ointments, in any case, may make it more hard to have the watch adjusted at simply any watchmaker.

Picture © Worn & Wound – Don’t neglect to peruse their audit on the Sinn EZM 13

Tudor uses their new in-house type MT5402 in the Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Uniquely planned considering medium-sized watches, henceforth the more modest measurement of this Black Bay compared to previous models. The type MT5402 is 26 mm in width and, as said, just shows hour, moment and seconds. It’s said to be built to guarantee strength, life span, and dependability. Its variable inactivity balance, for example, is kept up by a solid crossing span with a two-point obsession. The MT5402 highlights a 70-hour power save and is COSC chronometer certified.


In no chance, we should think about these watches as far as one being superior to the next. Indeed, they’re too extraordinary to even consider comparing straightforwardly, from a specialized perspective. The two of them have their focal points. In this way, individual inclinations or what one anticipates from a watch will figure out which watch would be the decision. Seen the idea of Knut’s question, I imagine that for this situation the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight would fit better into his current requirements.

What else could we suggest?

That’s not even half as simple as it would look. Around  $ 2,500.= – $ 3,500.= (let’s say max € 3.000,=) is a packed section. Be that as it may, the two watches Knut has picked are miles and miles separated as I would see it. Let’s say we could recommend practically any watch in that value range. However, let’s attempt to limit it to some degree down. The two watches have programmed developments, and the two watches are plunge watches. The two watches are made of tempered steel. Both have a sapphire gem, and the two watches have a black dial.

With that as a top priority, as a substitute for the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight I could think about a TAG-Heuer Aquaracer, Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-92, or a Oris Sixty-Five . A substitute for the Sinn would even be more troublesome. Possibly the Tudor  Black Bay Chrono 😉

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