As a development to our new manual for mid-range Seiko plunge watches, we’re back with another accommodating article. This time, however, we’re seeing plunging apparatuses from the Swatch Group underneath €1,500.

A brief glance at the shows a stunning 18 unique brands in the portfolio. From Swatch itself up to Breguet, this huge company offers something for each spending plan. The core of the arrangement, however, carries some genuine incentive to imminent purchasers with a lot of evaluating cover. This is particularly evident with regards to mechanical jumpers underneath €1,500. We often talk Seiko with regards to incredible incentive in this lively area, yet don’t check out the Swiss. Pattern Group has increased its game in the course of recent years and we’re going to show you our top choices. The wonderful thing here is that there are diverse case materials, developments, and even silicon hairsprings involved!

Let’s set some standard procedures for this manual for the Swatch Group Divers. As referenced, we are keeping as far as possible to €1,500 and each contestant should be mechanical. That precludes pieces from brands like Omega, Rado, and Union. Additionally, a few brands offer more than one choice that accommodates our measures. Overall, we will hold it to the most famous model to keep this rundown reasonable. This is Swatch Group all things considered and that implies we could be here throughout the day! In conclusion, I utilized German market costs at the hour of writing.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto — the most moderate Swatch Group diver

Our first Swatch Group jumper comes from Hamilton as the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto. Doubters will rush to call attention to the inadequate 100 meters of water obstruction, yet the watch comes outfitted with a screw-down crown and screw-in strong case back. A sapphire gem and outside bi-shading plunge bezel balance the bundle on this wearable 40mm pure watch. Hamilton utilizes the H-10 programmed, which is an intensely changed ETA 2824-2 with 80 hours of force hold. Here, there’s a date window at 4:30 that glances very great as I would see it against the 24-hour dial with applied files and logo. Purchasers can browse a wide range of shadings like the green one that Ben checked on to blue and dark with different bezels. These beginning at just €658 on a nylon tie and move to simply €707 on either an arm band or elastic. Visit for more information.

Mike’s take: It’s difficult to loathe the least expense mechanical Swatch Group jumper. There’s nothing progressive going on here in standing of styling, yet that makes it extraordinarily wearable. Of course, the water opposition is low and the development is quite old-tech versus a portion of different watches we’ll see, yet this is a tasteful passage level purchase. Most amazing aspect all, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a modest watch in spite of the wallet-accommodating price.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic

The next Swatch Group jumper scarcely costs more than the Hamilton we just examined, however it packs loads of significant worth for your couple of additional Euros. The Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic is a high-content 43mm spotless jumper. This strong piece comes in a confounding exhibit of dial tones and case finishes.

There’s a PVD gold model, PVD dark, and even bi-shading. For your examination, there are various kinds of wristbands and elastic ties. Be that as it may, what truly intrigues is the artistic unidirectional jump bezel and screw-in presentation back. You can view the Powermatic 80 with discretionary silicon hairspring and standard 80-hour power save. Tissot adds its date window at 6 o’clock which looks decent against the angle dials with applied lists and strong glowing hands. The most reduced expense models start at €677 on elastic and head up to €833 with the silicon hairspring and on the wristband. Visit for more details.

Mike’s take: The Tissot isn’t the littlest Swatch Group jumper, yet it’s a truly spotless gorgeous plan. I like that Tissot utilizes a case plan that’s not suggestive of a Submariner or something different. It’s genuinely exceptional looking and offers appropriate plunging cleaves alongside a truly cool development. The expansion of an enemy of attractive silicon hairspring at this cost is simply magnificent. Balazs gave us a pleasant review on the typical 1000.

Mido Ocean Star Tribute

Things get somewhat interesting with the following Swatch Group brand on the grounds that there are a few jumpers on offer that meet our rules. Mido makes no under three jump watches under the Ocean Star standard. There’s a chronometer evaluated Diver 600 that exceeds our €1,500 edge and there’s the volume model 200 in 42.5mm that comes in loads of tones and case materials like pure, PVD gold, and even titanium.

For my cash, however, I favor the marginally retro Ocean Star Tribute. This watch retails for €990 and comes in a pasty blue or dark with differentiating orange seconds hand. The 40.5mm steel jumper is acceptable down to 200 meters, comes with both a sweet looking beads of rice wristband and tie while utilizing the Powermatic 80 development. Head to for more information.

Mike’s take: I think this is outstanding amongst other looking reasonable jumpers available and it’s from a brand nobody truly thought often about only a couple years prior. Pattern Group has invested a great deal of energy into Mido and this is the payoff. The blue Ocean Star Tribute is simply stunning and despite the fact that the aluminum bezels look decidedly Rolex, they’re fine. This is only a sweet looking watch. The case, if you’re pondering, is imparted to the restricted release Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 that Tomas as of late reviewed.

Certina DS PH200M Blue — the most current Swatch Group diver

I will swindle a piece with Certina in light of the fact that I feel that of all the Swatch Group brands, these folks bring the most warmth. I’m not going to discuss one, however three watches! Indeed, they’re that great! The principal jumper worth referencing is the most up to date and that’s the DS PH200M Blue that Balazs as of late inspected. This one isn’t to be mistaken for the accessible retro (read: acrylic precious stone) DS PH200M we initially saw in 2018. This new Blue piece acquires a sapphire precious stone, a magnificently adjusted ceramic bezel, and a presentation case back. This watch utilizes a 42.8mm pure or dark PVD case with the Powermatic 80. You’ll get 200 meters of water obstruction alongside a tasteful dial that gets gold sword hands and an applied logo. This beginnings at €857 on cowhide or nylon, at that point heads to €872 for PVD, and €911 on the lattice. There’s a lot of detail on DS PH200M on the .

Mike’s take: Certina took an incredible delivery in the 2018 DS PH200M and gave it current materials to make it more engaging for the market. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. The brand made an incredible looking watch that’s unmistakable, tasteful, and proficient across the board! Like Mido, the Swatch Group has been investing genuine energy into Certina and they’re making probably the best value for-money looks out there. What’s more, truly, I believe that its jumpers, like this model, are the best.

Certina DS Action Diver

Each Swatch Group brand has its enormous merchant in the jump watch class and for Certina, that’s the DS Action Diver. This is a 300-meter jumper with a 43mm case, the Powermatic 80, and a sapphire precious stone. Certina makes these in a heap of shadings in steel including a unique version (Balazs covered it here ) to profit the Sea Turtle Conservancy for just €774 on an arm band. The star of the pack, be that as it may, is the DS Action Diver in titanium. This model adds a dim dial that consummately coordinates the hazier metal of the case and arm band. It’s more costly at €950, however it’s a ton of watch for the cash. More can be found on the .

Mike’s take: Call me insane, however I consider this to be the DS Action Diver as Swatch Group attempting to offer a deal Seamaster 300M. It doesn’t have the Lyre carries of the Omega, however I feel there’s a similarity there some place. Possibly it’s the bezel? In any case, this is a sweet watch arrangement and with respect to the Titanium, I’m not the only one to think this. Balazs offered it a legitimate go-ahead in his audit .

Certina DS Super PH500M

Because it’s once, twice, multiple times a Certina… As I said, the Swatch Group has truly placed some work into the brand with a Turtle as its mascot. This time, however, we bring the most genuine jumper of this article into the overlay. The DS Super PH500M is somewhat of a reissue, yet it is no buffoonery. This sweet activity jumper reviews a professional plunge watch from route back in 1969, however everything has been altogether refreshed for current usage.

A 43mm spotless case houses the Powermatic 80, fronted by a sweet orange dial. The entirety of this comes together on an elastic lash to make an appropriate workhorse 500-meter jumper. At practically 15mm thick, this one is intended for legitimate investigating. Interestingly, the entirety of this capacity comes in at just €872. Our man Balazs investigated this leviathan and left away with positive impressions. Certina has a decent on this watch with a touch of history.

Mike’s take: I truly love it when a huge company like the Swatch Group delivers somewhat of a meaningful venture. Let’s face it, an orange massive jumper with a 500-meter rating on an elastic tie doesn’t characterize standard. This is absolutely why I think something like the Certina DS Super PH500M is so intriguing. Besides, if this cost isn’t offensive to you, this is an incredible Summer watch along these lines as, say, a Seiko Tuna. This one is for the professionals and the watch nerds; you need to respect that!

Longines HydroConquest — the most costly jumper here

Our last Swatch Group jumper comes from outstanding amongst other selling watch brands on the planet. That would be Longines and our decision is the 43mm tempered steel HydroConquest. Longines sells these by the bushel and it’s not difficult to get why. Longines flaunts updated completing versus its cheaper stablemates, yet the HydroConquest actually comes in at a sensible €1,433 on an arm band or elastic tie with deployant buckle.

The brand furnishes this jumper with a 120-click earthenware trimmed bezel and utilizations the L888 (Eta-based) programmed that has 64 hours of force hold. This watch additionally has 300 meters of water opposition, so it can go to parties with more costly competitors. Longines offers this watch in loads of appealing tones with coordinating bezels like olive green, blue, dim, and dark. Of note is a more established 44mm variant with an aluminum bezel that’s still at a bargain for just €1,102. For our cash, we’d take the more current form. More can be found here on the .

Mike’s take: I concede that the HydroConquest isn’t my #1 moderate Swatch Group jumper, however it comes from an all around regarded brand and brings upscale highlights (like the clay bezel trim) and more upmarket wrapping up. What I additionally like are the new shadings like the green. Indeed, even the blue model simply looks better with the fired bezel. You can examine our article here where we compare the Longines to the Tissot Seastar 1000.

Final musings on Swatch Group jump watches

As you can see, the Swatch Group offers a great deal of jump watches under the €1,500 roof. These watches bring differing levels of innovation and most compete truly well versus Japanese watches in a similar value section. I likewise feel that the Group worked effectively of tending to the worth loaded proposition from microbrands while promising a solid seller organization and conventional unwavering quality. Of these, which is your pick?

Swatch Group Divers

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