For this week’s #SpeedyTuesday, we have three stories arranged for you. One from Lorenzo on his Speedmaster Apollo 8, a story from Dennis on his Speedmaster Mark II, and finally, an extremely short story from Luca on his Moonwatch.

We requested that you share your Speedmaster story with us, and this is the fourth portion highlighting three accounts of our perusers. Some Speedmaster stories can be short since one is basically entranced with the Omega Speedmaster watch. Different stories are somewhat lengthier. It is about graduation, a wedding, commending business achievement, the introduction of a youngster, or down to a custom, for instance. Whatever the explanation is, it is consistently a smart thought to purchase a Speedmaster, obviously. In the fourth portion of “Your Speedmaster Stories”, we share three stories from our perusers on their Speedmasters.

Speedmaster Stories

In typical occasions, we love to hear these kinds of stories from you straightforwardly during one of our Speedy Tuesday occasions. But since of Covid19 and our movement limitations, we requested that you share them with us by means of email. Toward the finish of this article, we give you an email address that you can use to present your story (don’t disregard the photos!). Ideally, we will meet (once more) at one of the Speedy Tuesday occasions where you can show us your watches and offer your accounts eye to eye. Make a point to make a profile on Fratello  and sign-up for our newsletter . This way you will be the first to think about upcoming (Speedy Tuesday) events.

#Story1: See you on the other side

My name is Lorenzo and I have been enthusiastic about watches since my folks got me my first watch — a Teeter Totter Seesaw Toy Watch — when I was 4 years of age. I actually own that watch and have kept it in working condition from that point forward. It helps me to remember the time frame that we lived in Boston, MA, while my dad was doing post-graduate investigations in prescription school.

Like numerous others, watches have been a decent method to help me to remember exceptional minutes in my day to day existence like secondary school and college graduation, getting hitched (and shockingly separated), and shutting significant exchanges in my expert vocation. I have purchased top of the line looks for each exceptional event, yet no brand has allured me more than Omega as of late since a heartbreaking occasion affected my life.

In December 2016, we discovered that my dad had stage 4 prostate malignancy. It shocked us and shook us deeply. What would i be able to say about him? He was an unfathomable individual. He was an extremely effective general specialist, a caring spouse and father, a fantastic companion, and vehicle lover with the best grin. It was his choice chose to maintain his disease mystery to more distant family and companions. He carried on as common with a major grin and the best mentality towards life while accepting an elective treatment.

With honor

A few months prior to dying, I kept in touch with him a letter saying thanks to him for the great life he gave us. I vowed to deal with my mom and to proceed with our family name on with honor. I shut the letter with the expression, “We’ll see you on the other side.” I have remained quiet about the letter private to this day.

Quick forward to July 2019, my closest companion, colleague, and “sibling from another mother” chose to give me a present for settling a negotiation for the two of us — a Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 (Dark Side of the Moon). I was astounded by the degree of detail. Everything about this watch dazzled me: the tones, the case, everything. And afterward my eyes tumbled to the expression working on it back: “We’ll see you on the other side.” Since at that point, I have purchased a couple more Speedmasters (ST1 and ST2) and plan to keep stamping significant minutes in my existence with Omega Speedmasters.

Story by Lorenzo

#Story2: a Hippie Pawnshop

My Omega Speedmaster story is certifiably not an extremely customary one. It’s obvious, I was brought into the world in the last part of the 1970s and the moon arrival was at that point old history for a 10-year-old. All things considered, it was very nearly 20 years prior and that is ancient, correct? I can recall the space transport separating yet, as far as I might be concerned, the space race was finished and a relic of the cold war.

I can see you jerking to switch this story “off” however hold on for me. It improves. Along these lines, I grew up appreciating Rolex. My grandad wore one. My father got one with me remaining next to him during the 1980s. Obviously, at that point, one of the principal watches I had was a Rolex GMT-Master.

Space intrigued me however not with regards to a functional way. It wasn’t such a lot of that we’d been to the moon, no. I was locked in with the idea of Space. Envision Patrick Stuart articulating those unceasing words, “the last frontier.” That was the degree of my advantage. What’s more, with this, I was an upbeat old chap with not a solitary Speedmaster really near the external edge of my consciousness.

So what changed? The primary thing that changed was me experiencing a NOS 1970s Speedmaster Mark 2 (with box and papers, never worn, plant new) in a hipster second hand store in Berlin around 1996. Obviously that I didn’t get it for the 300 Deutsch Mark they were requesting it — about $150 in light of the fact that that was simply insane cash for an old relic. Be that as it may, for the slightest second, I was intrigued. Here was a watch so clearly better than what I was wearing — yet it was by all accounts failed to remember by the world.


I like to investigate things in a very nerdy way and tumbled down a little hare opening after that experience finding that a Speedmaster Mark 2 might have truly been the beginning stage of something stunning, for me as well as for humankind. As we as a whole realize the Speedmaster Mark 2 was the watch that Omega had planned not for the moon but rather for the subsequent stages into space — potentially to the space station, a moon base, an excursion to Mars, and beyond.

And with this acknowledgment, I was snared. There before me had been an actual appearance of an unfulfilled guarantee. A guarantee of a future which had never been, a future that would have implied me growing up stuck to the TV watching us proceeding with our journey into space. The following thing that happened was me finding that my watch gathering had peculiarly left me more unfulfilled than fulfilled. Despite the quantity of Rolex and Tudor watches, I would never choose what to wear.

So at last my Speedmaster story arrived at its decision as I chose to purchase an Omega Speedmaster Mark 2 Reissue. It combined the styling and soul of that popular watch that would have brought us into more profound space with current innovation. Furthermore, in my very own rehash history, I discovered it in a second hand store, just failed to remember and searching for another owner.

Keeping that fantasy alive

Since getting it, I have worn it consistently (my watch assortment is currently a distant memory) and am adoring it. It is a particularly cool watch to live with and each time I look at it I can see it being worn in a spaceship on its approach to Mars. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that I realize that is a make me think bigger, I am amped up for the recently recharged steps that we are taking to proceed with our excursion into the more profound scopes of the cosmos.

My little nephew is four now and one day very soon I will show him this, my Omega Speedmaster Mark 2 Reissue, and acquaint him with this insane thought called space investigation. Yet, not as a relict of times gone by(as it had been for me). I will outline it as a guarantee for the eventual fate of humanity. Also, who knows, he may wear it when I am a distant memory, keeping that fantasy alive.

Story by Dennis

#Story 3: First Important Watch

Ever since I begin to adore watches, I longed for possessing a Speedmaster. For the most part because of my father who consistently disclosed to me why that watch was so notable thus extraordinary. It is my first “significant” watch. So I buckled down for quite a while, just to set aside sufficient cash to purchase a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. What’s more, my diligent effort paid off! I went to the store to give it a shot and I was so energized and anxious, my legs were shaking. Presently it’s MY Speedmaster and MY most loved watch.

(Short) Story by Luca

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